Now instead of later, raw instead of retouched. Bare. Open.

These are the premises of how this blog came into birth.

Sharing the heartache that shaped us, the questions that don’t have answers, self-discovery, and the passion that fuels us all.

Because let’s be real, life isn’t about the destination. It is about the process.

The drudgery.

The time.

The moments.

And if we miss the process in search of the destination, then we have lost a great thing.

So we offer up this…

A promise: accountability, complete honesty, a vow to keep the creativity flowing, no matter what.



A firm believer that a life without passion is no life at all, she spends her days soul searching through painting, coffee, writing, music, wine, and friendship. Cynical by nature, soft by experience, she dreams to be anywhere and everywhere, devouring experiences to sustain her fickle mind. She appreciates life in all its forms and flaws; and holds on to the beauty that it's nothing but a list of memories. 


Loves eating sushi, reading, and scribbling thoughts.  Carving out a life in her sleepy home town, while dreaming of the big city has proven to be an adventure in itself.  She has come to know that perspective is everything, and love is more.  When you can have both at once, now that, that is pure magic.