I had a reverie last night.  After collected all the items I needed for an indulgent bath, my thoughts started running onto the next day and then on to next week.   Then for a moment while I was scrubbing my hair I became filled with an overflowing sense of gratefulness.  I am so fortunate to spend 30 minutes under warm water with all of these different products and essential oils, soaps.  That’s a long time; no one is timing me, or rationing my water.  I have a towel for goodness sake, multiple.   

How does this feeling escape me on the day to day?  How is it that I can go days upon days without sending up thanks for the luxuries I have in excess? 

Maybe for those few moments last night I was living in the here, fully present. Not planning for the future or rehearsing the past but actually in my body, and grateful.